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Give Them What They Want (Part 1)

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“Clients are never happy.” 

Who has heard this before?


As a business owner, especially in a service- based creative company, not only have I heard this but I’ve probably made this statement at some point in time. It’s hard when you think you are giving your all and putting in the extra effort only to be told what you are doing isn’t good enough. 


But if we really think about it, the truth is that the formula to having a happy client is not a hard one. You simply have to give them what they want. 

I can hear your thoughts as you read this, “Clients never know what they want.” 

And again, this is another myth we have about clients. It’s an excuse that wraps its arms around us when we feel frustrated by the criticism. It’s not us, it’s them. But they do know what they want even if it only starts with just knowing that they need your assistance. Your client comes to you to provide a specific service and if your business is worth its sauce you should not be there to just deliver a service but to also be a guiding light to your client. You are the expert (this is why they called you) so as such they look to you to educate them on all the possibilities available to them (through you) and how these offerings can work for them. 

So, what if they come to you with a vague idea? You are the creator and your love for the act of creation alone should be bolstered when a vague idea that you can build upon comes along. Remember, they have come to you to perform a task they know that they themselves cannot achieve. 


“My clients are never satisfied. No matter what I do there is always a complaint.” 


But guess what, you are the right person to make it right. If you have put in the work and the client comes back with a complaint, doesn’t acknowledging and adhering to their feedback make them happy? They have trusted you with their project and trust that you can get it to the highest standard for them. I know that sometimes client feedback could come packed with certain misconceptions of your craft which can lead to tense communication. But before getting to uptight again remember that you are the educator and that is something they want/need from you as the expert. This is you, providing a service that goes above and beyond and one that allows your client to know that they are important to you and that you care about their own business. 



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