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All In 48 Hours…Sorta

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Two weekends ago we participated in a 48 Hour film challenge hosted by the Barbados Film and Video Association and sponsored by Deloitte. As the challenge name suggests the rules were to conceptualise, script, shoot and edit a short film in 48 hours.  


Under the team name “13” we partnered with Barbadian music group, AzMan along with budding filmmaker, Stockton Miller; the young and talented, Rashane Bend and our friend, Kim Roberts who helped us with transportation to create “Craftsman”. (Kim is really an accountant and this was her first film…don’t know if she’d do it again. There were early mornings, long hours but she was a trooper) 


We filmed for one day and edited the next running into some hiccups in the editing process. Hiccups that we, as the leading entity of this project take responsibility for. You see we did not do our homework and we did not ask the right questions of the team, the most important being, “What is your strong point?” So when we were met with challenges due to a lack of knowledge of a team member’s part we had only ourselves to blame because we broke our own rule of approaching each project with professionalism and as professionals we would have asked the right question and made the right assignments to the team.  

Due to these challenges we almost did not submit the film because we didn’t think it was up to our standard. But the truth is we had committed to the process of this challenge and with it came the possibility of these types of obstacles. And above all we had made a commitment to our team. They had given us they time and their effort and had tried to step up to the plate in areas which they knew they were not the best in. 


We handed in our film on time at 7:30pm on Sunday, 4 October 2015 and though we were allowed to clean up the edit for the screening (all teams were given this opportunity) we were judged on what we submitted. 


We came third which ain’t bad. We are happy with that as our original submission was essentially unfinished. However, we are over the moon and so very proud of our final version, edited by David Leverson. Check it out below and let us know what you think. 


Will we do the challenge again? We are undecided about that one but we do know that this one taught us a lot about teamwork and knowing your team. And we thank our team for the work they put in because without a team there is no film. 


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